‘Accountability’ paves way for Corporate Success.

The Promise of Accountability

Accountability in the workplace implies a mindset of everyone: employees, and management, to take ownership and responsibility of their actions, performance, conducts, and decisions. It is directly connected to the level of commitment one exhibits which eventually leads to overall increase in productivity.

At IRI, no matter how close the deadlines are – once promised, the work gets done without compromising on quality.

Accountability in the Workplace

  • Deadlines & Quality – When an employee or management commits to a task saying ‘This task will be completed within 60 minutes, the task will surely be done before 60 minutes elapses. In an office with high level of accountability, each employee takes the initiative and leaves no stone unturned to ensure quality of work is always not-notch and deadlines are always respected.
  • Leaders Pave the Path: Leaders are the primary force responsible to set expectations and lead by example. Leaders will ensure they complete tasks much before the mutually decided timeline and their quality of work keeps improving.
  • Trust is the result of Accountability: The natural result of having a workplace culture of ownership and taking initiatives is trust. There’s a positive vibe in the workplace where employee look forward to arriving every day and giving their best at work.
  • Collaboration & Healthy Competition: When every employee works hard to ensure that the set goals are met through diligence and puts their best foot forward, the collective performance of the organization progresses significantly. Healthy Competition is good for both employees and employers.
  • Open to Feedback: In a culture where all employees want to perform and outdo their peers, they become eager to learn more and more. Employees look forward to the valuable feedback shared by mentors or seniors.

Effective leadership in action

It is the leadership that drives motivation and zeal to perform better among employees. As leader, one must be upright accountable and responsible of what they do, and how they do it and be committed to the people. At Integrated Resources Inc. the leaders ensure that inclusivity and accountability is at the core of our work culture. The leaders clearly communicate their goals and objectives which has empowered the organization to provide its workforce with a appreciative and healthy work environment.

Fostering a culture of accountability across teams is essential for the growth and prosperity of not only employees but also the organization.



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