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Each company has its unique challenges and nuances that come into play when hiring or sourcing appropriate talent, but having a strategic and reliable recruitment process outsourcing partner in place to help manage the entire recruitment process can simplify things. The recruitment experts at Integrated Resources, Inc. can help you meet changing industry demands head-on with premium talent and processes without the risk of managing an in-house recruitment team. Our specialized process helps you attract and retain premium candidates while ensuring that the hiring process is consistent across your entire organization.

Reduce Time-to-Fill

Lessen Hiring Costs

Improve Quality of Hire

Ensures Compliance

Improve Decision-Making

Guarantee Consistency

Reduce Hiring Risks

Meet Deadlines Quicker

Boost Retention Rates


At Integrated Resources, Inc., we intimately understand the time-sensitive processes of recruitment and hiring and utilize proven methodologies and industry knowledge to develop and implement a customized recruitment process that meets your needs at every turn. Recruitment managers will conduct detailed discovery calls with you to gain an understanding of your culture, hiring needs, and the timeline required for delivery. Then, by leveraging multi-channel candidate sourcing, and an expertly crafted RPO, we are able to deliver a steady pipeline of qualified talent that suits both your internal brand culture and the fast-paced company environment.

Adaptive Support Team

Whether you’re expanding into a new market or need to staff a new branch, our adaptive team can help manage your recruitment needs and react to changes as they occur, including managing unexpected turnover transitions quickly and effectively to reduce lag time.

Weekly Recruitment Tracking

We leverage world-class SaaS technology system's to provide robust insights and reporting to keep you up to speed on recruitment performance and compliance and to determine where potential improvements can be made in the process.

Flexible Delivery Model

Supported by a single point of contact, your recruitment delivery team can work directly with you on-site, off-site or virtually to deliver your enhanced recruitment directives for quality candidates.

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