Video Job Postings – How and Why Companies Should Practice This!

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Recruitment strategy is one of the key external communication approaches that enriches the overall branding of your organization. The way you ask or invite candidates to join you, makes the world of a difference. The social media space is not only inundated but also dominated by video content. Video is an effective medium for storytelling and just for this reason video social media recruitment is on the rise. If your company is not yet into social hiring via videos, you are missing it big time.

If your company is new into video social media hiring or have been practicing it for a while, then this article is surely for you. This article will talk about some of the best practices that will surely improve the way you reach out to candidates to hire them for your company.

  • Who is Presenting the Job and How: Ensure that the person anchoring the video appears professional and the background looks official. Candidates are choosy and want to know about where and with whom they are going to work. Thus, it makes sense for the reporting manager to talk about openings in his or her team.
  • Office View: Employees are quite stubborn when it comes to not only the position or salary, but also the workstation and office space allocated to them. Offering a sneak peek into the official space where candidates will work once selected will be a wise act.
  • Answer Questions: When it comes to hiring candidates, there are some common questions which almost all candidates tend to ask. It’s better to talk about those in your job posting video. Candidates like to know about the culture or the organization and the people working at present.
  • Short Message: The video needs to be short and crisp. The ideal length of the job posting video would be 2-5 minutes. If you have the same opening at multiple locations, create one video and mention the locations. If you are hiring for Associate, Lead, and Manager for a definite domain – you need not create 3 different videos.
  • Fun & Interesting: Boring is bad – you can be in the games room and start by saying “Just like the next game of TT, I am looking for teammates in the marketing team.” Or, in the cafeteria – “I cook delicious Chicken and create amazing UX design, want to join me?”
  • Call-To-Action: Every video of yours will be a marketing attempt to lure candidates and reach out to more and more people. Therefore, make sure you give your audience a chance to react (may be in the form of like, comment, share, follow, or sending their CVs across, or a reference).
  • Promotional Video: Not all recruitment videos need to be promoted. However, it is good to promote some videos keeping into consideration the need of hour. Make sure the quality, language, people, screen background – all are as per the company standard.
  • Promotional Channels: You want the job promotional video to reach as many people as possible. Share the video far, beyond, high, low, straight, back, and everywhere. Share the video on every social network possible and ask your acquaintances to share on theirs.
  • Include People: Two is always better than one. So, you might want to collaborate with influential people in your organization. Try to rope in those who have good number of connections on their social profiles.
  • Copyright Infringement: While making online announcements, don’t forget to remember potential copyright infringement. Brands on your shirt, laptop, pen, and notebook should not get highlighted else you might get sued.

Video is becoming the core recruiting tool. It’s high time recruiters incorporate video in their company’s social media recruitment strategy.



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