Collaboration – tried, tested, and proved – the secret to organizational and personal success!

When Great Minds Join Forces, the End Result is Humongous!

When it comes to building and running a successful company, there are certain values that are highly important. Integrity and white-glove treatment are 2 of the most important #ValuesOfIRI that we have talked about in our previous blog. In this blog we will be talking about ‘Collaboration’ – another important value that tops the list. There are numerous ways in which organizations and people of the organization can join forces and ensure the final output is flawless or optimum. Let’s take a look how being collaborative in nature can pave way and trigger organizational and individual success.

  • Solve Problem in a Jiffy – We may be the most efficient resource or progressive company. However, there comes a time when we all of a sudden hit a roadblock and are out of ideas. What do we do then? Call for a team meeting or rather a brain-storming session – right? We take inputs from our colleagues and learn from each other’s experience. This is when we experience ‘collaboration’ first-hand.
  • Knitting People – As a business owner, if you notice people or teams in your organization are not getting to mingle or know each other – it’s high time you organize a inter-departmental team hurdle or offsite. It is essential for team members to know each other and be acquainted with the roles and how each one of them is contributing towards the company’s success.
  • Learning from Each-other– There is no age to learn and there are no fixed formula’s to learn from. Everyone can learn from each and everyone around. A culture of knowledge-sharing, healthy-competition, feedback, and analysis is crucial to keep people motivated and inspired.
  • Channels of Communication – The practice of collaboration opens new avenues of communication which eventually reduces miscommunication. People across teams become comfortable sharing work, discussing problems, and finding solutions. This benefits one and all as time, energy, and effort to understand and resolve an issue decreases significantly.
  • Higher Retention Rate – Employees tend to continue with organizations where they feel inspired, motivated, and appreciated. Therefore, inculcating a culture of mutual-admiration, learning, and experience sharing will automatically benefit employees, and they would love sticking around the same company for years.

These were some of the benefits of ‘collaboration’ in workplace. It’s imperative for organizations to inculcate the spirit of ‘collaboration’ among teams, as every individual like to be part of a motivating, rewarding and thriving environment.

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